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Debbie and Olivier are the inspirers of the project. A love couple who are at home with Desmond Tutu and adventurers at heart.

Together with their offspring, they commute between Mombasa, Brussels and the world. The thread running through their activities is facilitating self-development for those who have the least access to it. One of the ways they do this is by closing the digital gap and providing computer classes in places where this is the last priority. Social entrepreneurship while scouting for talent in the least accessible areas of Africa and the world.

In Kenya, for example, they have created a window on the world with a one-stop shop that helps young people turn their ideas into reality.

Kifaru is therefore intended to be, on the one hand, the pied-à-terre for that burgeoning overseas talent. This way, they get to know the capital of Europe in an accessible way. On the other hand, Kifaru is also a bustling HUB for the indigenous population of Brussels.

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Olivier is a pioneer in development cooperation. Olivier Vanden Eynde has a long career as a director at Deloitte, where he was not only responsible for social affairs and responsible entrepreneurship, but also for the business development of social and non-profit organizations. In the meantime, he has set up two new businesses in Europe and Kenya. He founded Close the Gap and, together with Debbie, is currently developing Close the Gap limited in Kenya.



Debbie is a trendy sportswoman and literature enthusiast. She first worked for Belgium's largest financial institution and then for Agoria, the largest Belgian employers' federation. Numerous commercial assignments and inspiring start-ups made her discover the magic of entrepreneurship. The merciless entrepreneurial bug took hold of her and, after ten years of rich experiences, she decided to move to Kenya with Olivier and her offspring to co-found "Close the Gap Kenya".



Alexander is the result of intense collaboration and a true 'born global'. Together with his father and mother, he has already lived in Amsterdam, Brussels and finally Mombasa. There he attended an international school where he learned and played with his African and international friends. In the playground he sometimes has to hide from the monkeys, but apart from that he has adapted very well to his new learning environment, so much so that he already speaks some English and a few phrases of Swahili! 


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"Very inspiring stay. Thanks for the hospitality."
Frederiek Dekens