It is the perfect place for people from different backgrounds to cross-pollinate.

As an employer, you can use Kifaru to respond to a global trend by focusing on the quality of the workplace. Happiness at work is the creed of the experience office. An inspiring workplace is close to public transport and nature. Employers have everything to gain from investing in a healthy workspace. That way, he chases away absenteeism and the growing wave of burnouts. A lively office that breathes well-being is a win-win. Kifaru responds to this and offers a healthy change for the home and business office.

Coaches, psychiatrists, dieticians and one-to-one counselors can seek the privacy of separate meeting rooms.

Freelancers can bump into like-minded people or simply have a cosy coffee chat.

Small businesses and start-ups are powered by inspiring people, dreamers and daredevils who give the whole thing an energetic touch. They get even more energy and cost reduction in return.

Employees can test ideas with people from other sectors while enjoying a fresh alternative to the traditional office. Flexiwork with benefits. Because change of food makes you eat. And so do the attractive possibilities for catering.

Kifaru is a coworking space with balls that takes you out of your comfort zone and takes you on a creative trip.


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+32 478 284 084

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Montjoielaan/Avenue Montjoie 293-bus 12 B-1180 Brussels

"Very inspiring stay. Thanks for the hospitality."
Frederiek Dekens