Mens Sana In Corpore Sano.


A dynamic center of activity

Work should be enjoyable and satisfying. If you do it well, you get energy and inspiration. That's why we see our coworking space as an incubator that allows diversity, partnerships and creativity to flourish. Kifaru is a bold coworking space that takes you out of your comfort zone and on a creative journey.

Events & Shootings

Kifaru is also pleased to host small-scale enriching events and activities from various sectors that support society.

Coworking with Benefits

Design, functionality, and atmosphere influence the mind. So, it should be fine. Performance, results, satisfaction, and the exchange of ideas are then a sure consequence.

Conference Calls

Our modern communication technology makes E-learning and conference calls and recordings of all kinds an important leg.

Work- (Out)

We support the importance of a healthy lifestyle. That's why a coworking space cannot do without a small gym. We have this space inside, but also outside: running or walking in the Soignes forest.

Food Pairing

The entire venue benefits from a perfect match of food and Kifaru catering, a kitchen and numerous home delivery options.


The inner man will have a good time with us. The African Tastings of (sparkling) wines and typical products guarantee this. In our jacuzzi you can literally bathe in bubbles.

A quirky coworking space, two meeting rooms and some hotel rooms.


Deelsteps & bikes

There is a wide range of e-steps and bikes in the area. Ideal for exploring Brussels and spotting trendy street art. Bonom and the Space Invaders are some of the famous street artists active here.

Brussels centre

Architectural splendor, more than 2,400 types of beer, authentic Belgian fries, a walk on the Mont des Arts or a taste of culture at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts. There is never a dull moment in Brussels.

Soignes forest

It is home to deer, wild boar, bats and squirrels. It is the green lung of Brussels and close to Kifaru. An oxygen-rich jog will replenish your reserves in no time.


Breakfast is best at Le pain Quotidien. You can have lunch in brasserie 'Toucan' and catch a fish in 'Toucan sur mer'. Typical Belgian food is served at 'Au Savoy'. Our house Italian LUCA is pasta at its best. Bon appetit!

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Montjoielaan/Avenue Montjoie 293-bus 12 B-1180 Brussels